Bent Brewstillery’s Barrel-Aged Series

Bent Brewstillery Barrel Aged Beer

Bent Brewstillery Barrel Aged Beer

Bent Brewstillery is announcing their Barrel-Aged Series. The distillery and brewery out of Roseville, Minnesota, which recently merged with Pour Decisions Brewing is now starting the process of aging their newest batch of barrel-aged beer.

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620 gallons of Dark Fatha, their American Emperial Stout, is currently aging in rye-whiskey, single-malt whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and rum barrels. These barrels come from various high-end distilleries, where they are emptied and sent to Roseville for the filling and aging. Each spirit, from whiskey to rum, leaves a unique flavor to each beer it ages.

From there, Bent Brewstillery will allow each beer their own resting period, sampling it every once in a while to determine when it’s ready. They will age each beer at least a minimum of three months, then let flavor be the ultimate judge. Stay tooned for more updates on Bent Brewstillery’s barrel aging.

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