Bite of the Week: BBQ Pork Puff at Keefer Court

Keefer Court’s Pork Puffs // Photo by Tj Turner

Bite of the Week is a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler. We’d like to thank Hop & Barrel Brewing for their underwriting support.

In 2019—a year that feels like several decades ago—The Growler ran a blow-out feature story about the Keefer Court bakery, a multi-generational monument to the beautiful tradition of Cantonese baking that churns out buns, rolls, and cakes in a rich, seemingly never-ending procession. So, seeking a bit of comfort in our current crazy times, we ordered a box of their baked goods and dug in. And lo: it was good. It was really good.

For example: The bakery’s BBQ Pork Puff ($3.25) is a masterful marriage between a mini-loaf shaped croissant-style pastry and a sweet, salty, savory, richly flavored pork filling, with the flaky delicacy of the pastry serving as an elegant vehicle for the earthy, satisfying interior. Like everything we’ve tasted from the bakery, the key is balance and restraint—the filling isn’t too thick or heavy and it makes sure its sweetness is reined in by its saltiness without either direction going overboard.

The pork puff is a no-brainer and a great place to start, but if you surf through the bakery’s menu you’ll likely find another dozen intriguing options. We thought the Sticky Rice Dumpling ($3.25) was particularly good—it boasted the kind of chewy, savory texture and taste that dreams are made of. So mix and match to your heart’s content, but don’t forget the Pork Puffs.

Sweet, salty, savory pork filling in the Pork Puff from Keefer Court in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis // Photo by Tj Turner

The Dish: BBQ Pork Puff, $3.25

The Place: Keefer Court Bakery, 326 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis

The Reason: A BBQ Pork Puff is a delightful snack, or—if you eat three—a satisfying meal, and all for under $10 total.

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