Bite of the Week: Black Pudding Scotch Egg at Merlins Rest Pub

Photo by Tj Turner

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The Scotch Egg—which probably originated in England, not Scotland—traditionally consists of a hard- or soft-boiled egg wrapped in seasoned ground pork sausage, coated in bread crumbs, baked or deep-fried and then served cold. Still popular on starter menus at British Isles-themed restaurants such as Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis and The Dubliner Pub and Cafe in St. Paul, the Scotch egg is classic pub mainstay.

The Black Pudding Scotch Egg at Merlins Rest Pub is a bit different from the rest. As its name implies, its meat is dotted with dark, diced chunks of pork blood sausage (black pudding). This extra ingredient, imported from Ireland, adds a rich, deep, untamed flavor. Yet, the sausage isn’t overpowered and the natural taste of the egg is still perceptible. Served warm, it has a crispy, golden-brown outside—dry and not greasy—with thick, crunchy bread crumbs. Its egg was hard-boiled—but not overcooked—and topped with paprika.

A Scotch Egg is typically served with a creamy, seasoned and even spicy sauce or mustard. However, Merlin’s Pub Rest serves theirs with tasty, tangy House of Parliament (HP) sauce. This dark brown, malt vinegar- and tomato-based sauce from the United Kingdom ties the snack back to its roots. Also on their menu is a Scotch Egg sans the black pudding that is served cold, in its more common form.

Black Pudding Scotch Egg at Merlin's Rest // Photos by Tj Turner

Black Pudding Scotch Egg at Merlin’s Rest // Photos by Tj Turner

The Dish: Black Pudding Scotch Egg, $6

The Place: Merlins Rest Pub, 3601 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis

The Reason: Deep-fried, bread-crumbed, sausage-encased, hard-boiled eggs have many hyphens and die-hard fans. Try it with a Smithwick’s Ale or Guinness to stay true to the region of the cuisine.



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