Bite of the Week: Jakeeno’s Favorite Pizza at Jakeeno’s

Jakeenos Favorite // Photo by Tj Turner

Bite of the Week is a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler.

Trendy restaurants-of-the-moment have a tendency to soak up the limelight, but there’s a patchwork quilt of neighborhood pizza spots that keep us fed on low-key weeknights and festively casual meals with friends and family. Jakeeno’s, in business since 1975, is one of the best classic pizza spots in Minneapolis. Warm, welcoming, and utterly comfortable, this is a place that you can roll into with confidence.

We gave the restaurant’s “Jakeeno’s Favorite” a try. The pie is topped with onions, ground beef, and Canadian bacon and turns on a few important points. The ground beef isn’t particularly greasy, nor is it dry, and when combined with the saltier, chewy Canadian bacon and the crispy flavorful onions, it’s the heart of the pizza’s savory appeal. Like all Jakeeno’s pizzas, the crust is crispy and light, tavern-cut, and covered in a thick but not smothering layer of pleasingly stretchy and flavorful cheese.

This is an old-school pie in the best possible way—uncomplicated, well balanced, and comprised of good, honest ingredients enhanced by thoughtful cooking.

Cheesey and delicious the Jakeenos Favorite from Jakeenos in South Minneapolis // Photo by Tj Turner

The Dish: Jakeeno’s Favorite pizza, $13.85 (10”)

The Place: Jakeeno’s, 3555 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis

The Reason: It’s a classic South Minneapolis tavern-cut pizza with an ideal balance of meat, cheese, and crust



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