Bob DuVernois to step down as head brewer at Excelsior

Bob DuVernois

Bob DuVernois (fourth in from top left) and the Excelsior Brewing Team

Excelsior Brewing announced in its Friday, October 31st newsletter that head brewer Bob DuVernois will be “hanging up his EBC spurs in the middle of November” to take some time off and determine what he’d like to pursue as his next adventure.

Bob DuVernois has been an abiding figure in Minnesota’s brewing scene since his start at Town Hall Brewery back in 1997. During that time, he learned first-hand from John Haggerty, who went on to become the brewmaster at New Holland Brewing and who is most recently the head brewer at Warped Wing Brewing. From there DuVernois took over the brewing at the Hops Brewpub locations in Maple Grove and Eden Prairie in 2000 before taking the head brewer job at Great Waters Brewing in 2004.

DuVernois also served as the President of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild during his time at Great Waters and helped introduce and lobby for the State’s initial growler bill. In 2012, Bob DuVernois joined the Excelsior Brewing team, and was “instrumental in the planning, design and equipment selection.” He continued to prove instrumental, helping the brewery with their expansion and installation of a bottling line.

Bob DuVernois 2

Bob DuVernois and co-founder John Klick

The Excelsior Brewing Team tipped their hat to DuVernois in an open letter:

You might know him as Bob the Brewer, Boston Bob or any of the other fun references to Minnesota brewing legend Bob DuVernois. Excelsior Brewing Company as you know it today is here in large part because Bob went “all in” with three guys who had this crazy idea of starting a brewery in Excelsior. Instrumental in the planning, design and equipment selection—Bob hit a homerun with his first EBC Bridge Jumper and has been the creative genius behind our award winning portfolio. Each toast is a testament to his professionalism and expertise—and to friendship.
Feeling he has done all he can to position EBC for long-term success, Bob has decided it is time to recharge his batteries and figure out what his next great adventure will be. Bob will be hanging up his EBC spurs in the middle of November and helping to ready the art shanty for another season on the ice. He will always be a part of the Excelsior family and a friend to all who have had the benefit of learning a bit of beer history from his vast experience. Not just a great brewer, but a better mentor and friend than we could have imagined when we first encountered him years ago. And who knew he had such a diversified music collection?
Bob, thank you hardly seems like enough to express our gratitude for all you have meant to building Excelsior Brewing Company. You promise you will be back to the brewery on a regular basis and we’re putting it in print so we can hold you to it. A heartfelt thank you from the families, friends and fans of Excelsior Brewing Company. Cheers to Bob the Brewer!

Signed, The Excelsior Brewing Company Team

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