Brasserie Artisanal de Rules La Rules Festival

HASKELLS_LaRulles EstivaleBrasserie Artisanal de Rules La Rules Festival
5.2% ABV
If you have decided baking is a great way to lower your heating costs, but are scratching your head on a beer to pair with your baked goods we have a candidate for your consideration: La Rules Festival, a Belgian pale ale. With hops from America, yeast from Oral, and a low ABV, La Rules offers a session-style beer with much more complexity than one would suspect. Smooth pour this one as a large, foamy head will build quickly. Upfront aromas of funkiness from yeast disappear quickly after a swirl or two leaving a welcoming citrus and herbal hop element. The presence in the mouth is soft, and you get flavors of lemongrass and other fruit notes; plus the pale ale malt does a good job of balancing everything out. This could make for some great pairing with bread and cheese, or a roasted game bird. Cheers!


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