Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich at Lake & Irving

Lake Irving Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich // Photo by John Garland

John Garland // The Growler Magazine

This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart. If your doctor has talked to you about your blood pressure recently, this was the kind of choice he was talking about.

It is not a sandwich for the dainty, nor the self-concious. If you’re on a first date, and you want to look like a reasonably put-together human being, this sandwich won’t do you any favors. Otherwise, should you find yourself in a guilt-free frame of mind, it’s glorious.

Lake & Irving hasn’t changed a whole lot since opening last winter. The menu is more-or-less what it was eight months ago, the beer list is still well curated, always with an interesting gem or two. And since we’ve heard the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich ($12) has developed a following, we needed to see it for ourselves. It looks like a sandwich that was designed by a line cook who just got off a ten-hour shift, who was craving a patty melt, fried chicken and bacon, and asked for all three. The result is basically what the Double Down wants to be when it grows up.

The coating on the chicken is pleasant and crispy, though the chicken itself could use a touch more seasoning. Even though it breaks the culinary cardinal sin of “something breaded inside bread”, it doesn’t matter because it’s nearly impossible to eat as a sandwich. This is a fork-and-knife affair all the way.

The mound of pickles on the side are paramount to the experience, because everything is so rich. Since it needs some acid, throw a pickle or two under the top sourdough toast and, all of a sudden, the flavor of the chicken and bacon is more distinct. And seriously, for the love of your arteries, get salad instead of fries.

Lake & Irving, 1513 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, 612.354.2453

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