Chicago gets Surly

By Joseph Alton, @JoeAlton

Surly Brewing Company announces plans for limited distribution in The Windy City.

Surly Ground Breaking Ceremony // Photo by Joe Alton

Surly Ground Breaking Ceremony // October 29, 2013 // Photo by Joe Alton

A couple weeks after breaking ground on their new facility in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, Surly Brewing Company announces they are returning to the Chicago market in select accounts at the bar and retail level.

From Surly:
Surly is going to Chicago. Monday, November 12th, the Surly Crew will be at the Hopleaf and Map Room pouring Darkness. Tuesday, November 13th, the Surly Crew will be at Clark Street Ale House, Small Bar – Division, Kuma’s Corner and Sheffields. After that, you will be able to find our tap beer at a few bars in Chicago. More details to follow about the events. FYI, our distibutor in Chicago is Windy City Distribution – 630.809.1748.

Though once available in Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and the Chicagoland areas; For the past few years Surly has limited distribution to the state of Minnesota, making sure to cover demand at home. Having doubled the amount of retail accounts in Minnesota since this summer and with the prospect of a new facility with much greater output (almost four times what the current facility is producing), Surly will begin to hit (limited) Chicago bars and liquor stores on November 18th.

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  1. Taddy Brown says

    I’ll be the first to say it: “Surly SOLD OUT”. They used to be about the “local” craft beer movement but now that’s not enough for them. I was excited about the new brewery, the idea of bringing people here, but now they drop the real plan which is to take the beer away to place and people they feel are more important. Seriously, why build a “destination” brewery– aren’t we good enough? Why take the beer to Chicago when there was a waiting list to carry the beer in state– aren’t we good enough? They can’t even keep up with local demand. I was at Darkness Day this year and they ran out of bottles!

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