Craft Cocktail: Everything Nice at Lyn 65


The Everything Nice at Lyn 65 is this month’s featured Craft Cocktail // Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

There’s a stock image in my mind of a place with a good cocktail list. It’s dark. It might be in a basement. There’s exposed brick and plush seating. The bartenders are wearing Carhartt aprons. There are strange liqueurs on the menu I won’t dare try to pronounce.

This is what makes drinking at Lyn 65 so refreshing: that one of the most thoughtful, inventive, and exciting cocktail programs in the Metro is housed in an unassuming strip mall in Richfield. The restaurant recently celebrated two years in business, and its personnel is a huge factor in its success.

“We’re very much a collaborative team,” says Jami Olson, one of nine bartenders whose names adorn the cocktail list. “Everybody has input, everybody has the freedom to create and make choices, we all try to critique and come up with a final cocktail to put on the menu. It’s a whole team of talented people that have been doing this for a long time.”

Lyn 65 has made waves with its fried chicken and Chicago-style diner burger, but I’m coming back for the Red Snapper Ceviche and my new favorite, from their summer-fall menu, the Everything Nice.

“It’s a great transition into fall,” Olson says. “There’s gin and lime, the summer characteristics, but the allspice dram is very fall. It’s a good balance, very approachable.”

Everything Nice


Everything Nice at Lyn 65 // Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler


  • 2 ounces gin (Gordon’s)
  • ¾ ounce allspice dram (see this month’s Spirits Close-Up)
  • ¾ ounce lime juice
  • ¼ ounce peach liqueur (Rothman & Winter)
  • ¼ ounce Demerara sugar syrup
  • (1.5 parts sugar to 1 part water)
  • Thyme



Jami Olson mixes an Everything Nice // Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

Shake all ingredients with ice and double-strain (both a Hawthorne and fine mesh strainer) into a cocktail or coupe glass. Slap a sprig of thyme between your hands to release its oils, and float it on top, or lay it across the rim.

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