Craft Culture: American Craft Council artists to watch


Local artists to watch at the American Craft Council Show are, left to right, William Dohman, Nick Lundeen, and Luke Borkenhagen // Photos by Tj Turner

If the Twin Cities weren’t already considered a top arts community before 2010, with the area’s many galleries, major arts organizations, museums, and artist studios, then they most certainly were after. That was the year Minneapolis surpassed 11 other cities to become the official home of the American Craft Council (ACC), after the group chose to leave its New York City headquarters after 66 years.

The ACC brings its annual, high-end craft show back to the Saint Paul RiverCentre this spring, April 8–10. The show is a celebration of all things handmade, with more than 225 artists from around the country gathering to exhibit their work, which ranges from clothing and jewelry to furniture and home décor.

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This year also marks the return of the ACC’s newest program, Hip Pop, which launched in 2015 and specially showcases emerging artists from around the country. A panel of judges selects participants, who forgo individual booths for group displays—pods of six, which are then spread throughout the show. Here are three local Hip Pop artists who will be showcasing their talents at the St. Paul show, each proving not only that the Twin Cities have a serious pool of talented individuals to pull from, but that craft is still cool.

William Dohman


William Dohman // Photo by Tj Turner

Name: William Dohman

Company: Oh Dier

Age: 35

Location: Nordeast Makers, Minneapolis

Booth number: 902

Products at the ACC Show: Arikata serving boards, walnut nightstand, walnut bench with padauk details, and ring, storage, and key boxes. Read the full story and Q&A…

Nick Lundeen


Nick Lundeen // Photo by Tj Turner

Name: Nick Lundeen

Company: Nick Lundeen Jewelry

Age: 29

Location: Northrup King Building, Minneapolis

Booth number: 212

Products at the ACC Show: Assorted jewelry. Read the full story and Q&A…

Luke Borkenhagen


Luke Borkenhagen // Photo by Tj Turner

Name: Luke Borkenhagen

Company: Cedar & Stone

Age: 33

Location: His home

Booth number: 902

Products at the ACC Show: Roll-top backpacks, clutch purses, key fobs, tote bags, and various one-of-a-kind totes made of denim, leather, canvas, and wool. Read the full story and Q&A…

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