Crossword Puzzle: Issue 78 – April 2020 – The Old Country

This Month: “The Old Country”


1 Vietnamese noodle soup
4 Look over quickly
8 What a password provides
14 Chaney of silent film
15 Soft rock
16 Beer with a crown logo
17 Country formerly known as Abyssinia
19 Fail to be
20 Decorate
21 Noted performance-rights org.
23 How things are before the dawn, per a saying
26 Really angry
30 Aliens, briefly
31 Bright perennials
33 Mama bear, en Español
34 Accomplishment
36 Get exactly right
37 Cartoon character who sings lead in “What’s Opera, Doc”
39 Country formerly known as Upper Volta
42 Get away from
44 Ole’s wife, in many corny jokes
45 Applies in small amounts
48 Small spasm
49 Have a flash of brilliance, perhaps
52 Peter Pettigrew’s animal form
53 Batter’s box?
55 Court cry
57 Henry, Jane, or Peter of Hollywood fame
59 Bock or Märzenbier, e.g.
60 Send a note to, perhaps
63 Country formerly known as Dutch Guiana
66 Threatening phrase
67 “As I see it,” in textspeak
68 “The path” of Chinese philosophy
69 Time on the job
70 Spray ‘n Wash target
71 Slip-___ (shoes without laces)


1 Begged passionately
2 Big night out, say
3 Like some Renaissance Fair performers
4 Baked
5 Twin’s topper
6 Two-time defeater of Liston
7 Org. whose championship game on April 6, 2020, was canceled
8 Thorny shrub
9 Body of water that contains the Great Barrier Reef
10 Purchase from a French food truck
11 Billion-year period
12 ___-cone
13 Kept the chair warm
18 Eat at
22 Country formerly known as Ceylon
24 Went to the bottom
25 Country formerly known as Siam
27 “Thank you very much,” at a sushi bar
28 Get something out of
29 Result of good iron work, maybe
32 Cruise ship
35 Firecracker that doesn’t fire
38 Drug for Ken Kesey
40 Comeback
41 When Daylight Saving Time ends
42 “And the rest,” briefly
43 By way of
46 Infielder who isn’t short?
47 Audiophiles’ equipment
50 Cater (to)
51 Billy ___: The Musical (2009 Tony winner)
54 Submit tax returns without an envelope
56 Sought office
58 In current condition
60 Legendary bird
61 Defined period
62 Sea, in French
64 Member of the clean plate club?
65 Greek letter that resembles a P

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