Turn of the Seasons at Dave’s BrewFarm

Currently, the taproom is the brewery itself. Dave and Pam pull out tables and set them up on the brewing floor amidst the boil kettle, the mash tun, numerous fermenters (some happily chugging along), and other general brew odds and ends. It’s an inclusive feeling to get to sit in the brewery proper, enjoying a glass that was made on that very floor several weeks earlier. Sitting next to you are strangers, content in their drinks and open for conversation. During the summer, the brewery door is opened and the sun shines through the brewery. Tables are moved outside so you can enjoy the beauty of the farm, wander the property, let your kids loose to run to their exhaustion, and just have a good time.

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Each season has its own particular merits at Dave’s BrewFarm and is reflective of the farmhouse tradition not found in other breweries. During the outdoor months, you can wander the property and climb the towering oak. You can check how the bees are doing in the apiary, from which Dave harvests honey for several BrewFarm beers. You can bring grills and food and have yourself a picnic. Kids can run to their heart’s content—there are no restrictions that are typical of city and suburban dwellings.


During the fall, hay bales are rolled up in the field, final crops are harvested, and people have a great time enjoying some of Dave’s drafts. The smells and colors of the harvest season are vibrant out in the countryside. In the winter, the brewery is cozy and inviting, as groups of people come to enjoy Dave’s beer and the company in the taproom. Typically some heftier beers are brewed to put the warmth in our colder, Midwestern bones. And during Spring, the sun shines on the farm and the world turns green. It’s a great place to loosen up the limbs and feel human again as new life sprouts from the brewer’s garden.

There are often special events that utilize the BrewFarm including weddings, anniversaries, and summer parties. A group of local skydivers often make the jump and use Dave’s BrewFarm as a landing pad. After an exhilarating jump, they can walk into the taproom and enjoying a Gravity Sux. The BrewFarm Classic has become a popular annual event where bikers starting in Minneapolis trek their way to the BrewFarm to enjoy an afternoon and evening of festivities where the bikers and families can enjoy art tents, music, food, and, of course, beer.

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