Turn of the Seasons at Dave’s BrewFarm

The Beer

Dave’s beers aren’t so much experimental as they are culinary. Beer such as Matacabras, AuBeXXX, his Single Hop Lagers, and the Midnight Saison play with the conventional beer standards. Whether it is a saison featuring black malts, or a beer utilizing curry and lemongrass, Dave’s beers are evoke flavor reactions instead of style reactions. To Dave, beer is about balance, about the subtle interactions of flavors to create an overall experience.

The goal of having a taproom out on the BrewFarm property was to bring people to the brewery and farm itself. Dave always has a rotating and dynamic beer lineup available to customers. Except for dedicated regulars, it is fairly rare to see the same lineup twice. Favorites can all be found throughout the year—Mocha Diablo, a chile-spiced stout; The Bruiser, a Scottish Wee Heavy; and Svengali, a Belgian strong featuring lemon grass, cinnamon, and turmeric.  Seasonal local ingredients such as apples, herbs and botanicals from his brewers garden, and honey often find their way to great effect in his beers. Growlers are available and feature beer that is both on and off tap for a wider take-home selection.

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Dave’s BrewFarm has quiet growth during the past few years, as adventurous members of the beer community make it a point to travel out to the taproom. His farmhouse’s upgraded 7 bbl system is up and running and Dave has begun to brew beer for the wider area.

The BrewFarm is an old world tradition, and as such, very few electronics are involved in the brewing process and in the taproom itself. Bring cash. Dave’s BrewFarm currently does not accept credit cards.


The Future

Dave and Pam are expanding the BrewFarm. A new taproom is being built and will be finished this summer. Similar to their house and the brewery, which are really one and the same, the taproom building will use repurposed barn wood to instill the rustic charm of the property. It will have more seating, more taps, and will round out the atmosphere of Dave’s BrewFarm.

Pam’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program will hit full stride this year and will have shares available to BrewFarm customers. The BrewFarm will have fresh produce available for purchase, and much like being in the taproom drinking the beer made on that spot, you can be physically present where the crops are grown, harvest, packed, and washed. Shares are also available that feature BrewFarm beer.

So it’s easy to dream of Belgium, Germany, and other distant European beer havens, but it’s even easier to find our way to a farmhouse brewery haven in our own backyard. Dave’s BrewFarm is located on 2470 Wilson St., Wilson, WI. The BrewFarm is open year-round on weekends only. You can find out current tap listings and taproom opening dates on Dave’s blog. Come see some of the old ways of life and experience old traditions redone at Dave’s BrewFarm, an American farmhouse brewery.

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