Drinking Buddies

From beer stores to bars to dog-friendly events—a rundown of the best places in the Twin Cities for drinking with your dog.

Photo by Flickr user Lidocaineus // https://www.flickr.com/photos/lidocaineus/

Photo via Flickr // https://www.flickr.com/photos/lidocaineus/

Being man’s best friend in this era is a tall order. Not only do our dogs have to snuggle up in our beds and chomp down on gourmet biscuits, but they also have to come and hang out at fun events and bars with us. What a life!

Luckily, our dogs are well accustomed for living lives of leisure, and Minneapolis is a great city for canines and their companions. Anyone who has a dog has surely noticed the countless restaurants and bars that will not only tolerate your pooch, but serve him his own doggie treats and water bowl while you hang.

For those who love to imbibe, there are plenty of places where you can bring your best pal. (Just uh, don’t give him any of that beer.) Dog-friendly events popping up around town often have a charitable component, so you can, you know, write that growler off on your taxes.

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Who’s running all these doggie-friendly events? People like Matthew Juaire of 612Brew and Claire Hutcheson of Secondhand Hounds animal rescue. The pair teamed up to create Brews for Hounds, a fundraiser at 612 Brewery that raises money for the rescue’s ongoing mission to help animals from all walks of life find loving homes. (They’ve already saved over 6,000 animals!) While you can’t bring your dog to the event, you can bring his picture for a custom illustration. Juaire recommends you try a beer flight while you help support the organization that saves 40–70 animals per week, primarily dogs.

Juaire himself got his Pit Bull Cowboy from Secondhand Hounds, which inspired him to think of ways he could help the organization. To him, hosting a fundraiser at 612 just seemed “seamless.”

“Ultimately [Secondhand Hounds] needs money to continue to do what they do,” he says, noting that they recently invested $10,000 in a vehicle that can help transport special needs dogs from other states.

While the rescue’s adoptable dogs won’t be at the event, there will be a PowerPoint presentation featuring pictures of adoptable dogs. “The point of this event is to raise money, but if it can help some doggies find their forever home, it would be an added bonus,” he says.

At the event, you can chat with Secondhand Hound staff like Hutcheson about the many opportunities there are to help the rescue, like becoming a foster. “As a foster, you’re the voice of that animal,” she says. “The other cool piece about fostering is that we provide everything you need: food, medicine, blankets, kennels. You only provide your home.”

If you leave with a warm feeling, it won’t just be from the beer.

So what needs to happen for Minneapolis to be an even more dog-friendly city—and an even better locale to drink with your dog? Hutcheson believes the key is to tackle prejudices people might have around certain types of dogs. Whether it’s pit bulls or big dogs in general, certain types can still feel less welcome. “Secondhand Hounds tries to change the stereotype about certain breeds. When it comes to people being okay around animals, they’re scared of the unknown,” she says.

For now, the more you get out and drink with your dog, the more you’ll be showing people just how well dogs and people can hang together. Here are the best places to do it.

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