Duluth Experience’s last Craft Beer Roundtable focuses on Women in Beer

Duluth Experience Craft-Beer-Roundtable

Since beer’s inception around 800 BCE, women were brewing. In fact until beer’s commercialization, brewing was rarely practiced by men.

“Men took over the brewing process when it went commercial and there was money to be made,” explained Professor Jeffrey Pilcher in The Growler‘s Coming Full Circe: Women in Beer by Ryan Tuenge. When beer brewing left the home kitchens and became a full-fledged industry to slack the thirst of a growing population of beer drinkers, men took over the role of brewers leaving women on the outside looking in.

As noted in Tuenge’s article, the  pendulum is currently swinging back from a male-dominated industry to include more women in all aspects of the brewing industry, from brewery owners, to brewers, to craft beer advocates. Minnesota is no exception as the state boasts a growing list of women taking leadership roles in craft beer—and the North Shore craft beer scene is a glowing example of this resurgence.

In their fourth and final installment of the North Shore Craft Beer Roundtable series, The Duluth Experience will host a 5-person panel discussion that will highlight the unique character of the North Shore Craft Beer Scene and the roles that women have played (and are playing) in moving the local craft beer community to the forefront of the industry as a whole. Moderator Elissa Hansen (Barley’s Angels Duluth/Superior Chapter) will facilitate a discussion that will delve into the challenges and opportunities for women in the industry, the trends for craft beer as a whole, and the personal stories of these influential women in the local and regional craft beer scene.

The panelists for the event include:

The Women of the North Shore Craft Beer Scene will be held from 1–2pm at Duluth’s Teatro Zuccone in the Zeitgeist Arts Building at 222 East Superior Street on May 22nd. Tickets for each event are only $5 and all proceeds from the event will be donated to a local charity. For more information about the North Shore Craft BeerRoundtable call (218) 464-6337 or visit The Duluth Experience website at: www.theduluthexperience.com/special-events/craft-beer-roundtable/

The events are designed to provide behind-the-scenes perspectives on the regional craft beer community and showcase the great people involved in pushing the North Shore Craft Beer Scene to the forefront of the expanding craft beer industry in Minnesota. Beer will be served at the event (of course) and there will be time for audience questions. The event will close with a raffle and if it turns out anything like the previous two roundtables—the conversation will spill out into the mezzanine and then to a local pub for continued discussion and merriment.


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