Earth Day and Beer: A Perfect Pairing


From its humble beginnings in Egypt and Mesopotamia in the fifth century BC to today’s thriving craft movement, beer has always been linked to the environment in which it’s made.

One Minnesota brewery that’s cognizant of this link is Third Street Brewhouse. In partnership with the Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District, the brewery announced today it’s helping recognize area farmers that participate in the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program, which certifies landowners that implement conservation practices aimed at protecting water sources.

In honor of Earth Day, we look back on several past articles that highlight beer’s intrinsic link to the Earth.

  • The Water Issue – A look at the role of water in beer, the state of freshwater in Minnesota, and issues affecting water both here, and around the globe.
  • Green Beer You Can Get Behind: Eco-Friendly Brewing Efforts – Choosing beer from a brewery that employs ethically and environmentally sound practices is an enjoyable way to be a little greener, and it’s increasingly easy to do with many breweries jumping on that bandwagon.
  • Grow Your Own: Beer Ingredients in the Backyard – A natural next step for both budding and experienced homebrewers is growing their own ingredients. This story provides an overview of some brewing ingredients you can grow in your backyard.
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Keith Grauman is the web editor at The Growler. When he's not drinking beer at work, he can be found homebrewing, reading comics or playing with his kids in the front yard of his south Minneapolis home.

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