Element Plasma Sake IPA (Gluten Free)

ALEJAIL_PlasmaSakeElement Brewing Company

Plasma Sake IPA (Gluten Free)
9.3% ABV, 64 IBU

Celiac disease? Gluten intolerance? No dietary restrictions, but you want an awesome bottle-conditioned, unique IPA? Fear no more, Element Brewing has a beer to solve all of these problems! Using brown rice and malted millet in the grain bill, this hop-forward golden IPA is naturally gluten free, but you would never guess that with its assertive hoppiness. Garrett Oliver, of Brooklyn Brewery fame, dubbed this beer “the best gluten-free beer I’ve ever had.” Even if you don’t want to believe that heavy-hitting endorsement, this beer will convince any craft-beer drinker that world-class beers don’t need gluten to pack a hoppy-punch that will delight your senses. Pair with a tempura-fried, spicy sushi roll.

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