Fair State IPA

ZIPPS_IndiaPaleAleFair State Brewing Cooperative

6.4% ABV, 64 IBU

Way to go, Fair State. Not only do you have an awesome co-op business model, but you also brew one of the tastiest IPAs in town. It’s a bold move to make an IPA this dry, but when you’re dealing with such a killer hop profile, you might as well just let it shine through. This touches so many lupulin bases: it’s juicy, it’s piney, it’s dank and resinous, and it has just the right hint of some green chive, which I didn’t know I could enjoy so much. The generous finish leaves you breathing hop vapors. You’ll be left sniffing an empty glass, plotting your next purchase. Sweet coconut-milk based Thai curries want in on the action.

Review by Zipps Liquors
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