Beans to Beer: Stonehouse Coffee in Nisswa Brewing Up Plans for Beer Making

Stonehouse Coffee's new location // Photo by Kate Perkins

Stonehouse Coffee’s new location // Photo by Kate Perkins

All the Frenchs agreed that freshness is important to their businesses—both in coffee and beer.

“What you can find is that these are fresh, current coffee crops,” Mike said, pointing to mounded sacks of green coffee beans. “We’ll use current-crop grains so you can end up with that peak experience.”

The family already is familiar with milling the freshest grains possible for the bakery. “When we mill wheat it’s a totally different animal than what people buy and use to bake with.” Mike thinks the same will go for beer ingredients. Freshness will mean a better taste and quality.

It may sound odd for a brewery to operate alongside a breakfast and lunch restaurant, but as Chris pointed out, “Beer’s not just for dinner anymore.” Eventually the restaurant may expand to serve dinner, as well.

The starting menu will include craft waffles to accompany the craft beer—not just traditional waffle recipes, but creative ones as well. The Frenchs plan to hold evening events, including bands and open mic nights, but also the odd discotech moped party and worm dance competitions. But truly,” Chris said, jokes aside, “we want to have different unique events to bring people in.”

The Frenchs look forward to opening another family-owned business in Nisswa. “Everybody loves the local places that do it right, do it themselves, and focus on quality,” Chris said.

So what beers will they make? Chris says that has yet to be finalized, but one thing is certain: a java porter or coffee stout will certainly be included in the offerings.

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