The ABCs of the GABF

Beer and Food Pavilion at the GABF // Photo © Brewers Association

Beer and Food Pavilion at the GABF // Photo © Brewers Association

K is for… Knowledge

As a Growler reader, you are probably as thirsty for beer education and you are for the liquid itself. Then the GABF is the place for you. In addition to several presentations about making beer, pairing food & beer, and simply tasting beer, there was also a strong focus on sustainability at this year’s event. Attendees were encouraged to offset carbon to and from the festival by calculating your footprint and offsetting through the Colorado Carbon Fund.

The GABF partnered with and ZeroHero to not only create a more sustainable festival, but to also showcase sustainable efforts in breweries and educate attendees on what can be done to preserve our planet’s limited resources.

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