The ABCs of the GABF

Taste Testing at the GABF 2013 // Photo © Brewers Association

Taste Testing at the GABF 2013 // Photo © Brewers Association

Q is for… Quality

A prevalent theme that came up often throughout the weekend was that a rising tide floats all boats. Craft Beer is a community in which, for the most part, competition is healthy. Beer is art, but it is also an industry. Brewers share with one another—ingredients, recipes, knowledge, and more. Brewers almost universally agree: The whole community making great beer is the most important thing.

“Educate, educate, educate.” says David Logdon, Owner/Brewer at Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, who pours all of his beer in-house. ” It’s all about educating and serving great beer. Quality [beer] taking care of [tap] lines… The big challenge of course is making sure the beer is really top notch so that the casual customer will not taste it and say ‘Oh, that’s what craft beer is, that was easy to try, ONCE.’ It all has too be better. Quality.”

A sentiment echoed by Dick Cantwell of Elysian Brewing Company when he was asked what we need to do in the industry to keep up with this double digit growth,”Focus on quality and make a very good beer. Work hard at that.”

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