The ABCs of the GABF

Women Enjoying Beer at Left Hand Brewing // Courtesy of Women Enjoying Beer

Women Enjoying Beer at Left Hand Brewing // From Women Enjoying Beer’s Facebook Page

W is for… Women

You might not have been able to tell by the lines for the bathrooms, but according to the Brewers Association, there were more women (attendees, brewers, and media) than any previous year. The ladies from Women Enjoying Beer were in attendance. They are the only independent company focused on the female consumer as it relates to beer” You can read more about their experience at the GABF here.

If you are reading this from Minnesota, perhaps you are familiar with our local chapter of Barley’s Angels—not just a social, beer-drinking club for women, but also an educational organization that strives to support and engage women beer drinkers of all types. If you are interested in the subject of women in beer we would encourage you to visit one of their meeting or touch base with them through their website.

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