The ABCs of the GABF

drink-tanksG is for… Growlers

If you thought growler culture has reached a fever-pitch in Minneapolis, check Denver out. Whether it is their less-archaic legislation, a maturation of their scene, or just the volume of breweries in Colorado, growlers are everywhere. From the take-home beer we grabbed at Wynkoop (20 minutes after getting off the plane) to the multiple “specialty’ growler options represented at the fest, Denver has embraced our favorite beverage vessel to the extreme.

  • HydroFlask “started in 2008 on a hot day on a beach in Hawaii.” Except no substitutions: HydroFlask is the first double wall stainless steel vacuum-insulated growler available and seems to be the most popular option for insulated growlers nationwide.
  • DrinkTanks has taken the insulated growler to the next level. DrinkTanks is a fully funded Kickstarter that claims to keep beer “cold, fresh, and carbonated for 24 hrs.” These vessels are crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, vacuum insulated and in addition to keeping the beer fresh, they also dispense the stuff.

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