Green Flash & Ballast Point Beer Dinner

On Tuesday February 18th at 6:00pm two San Diego breweries will come together 1,990 miles from home in Minneapolis for a culinary and craft beer showcase you won’t want to miss. Green Flash and Ballast Point will come together at The Butcher &  The Boar for a 5 course Beer Dinner. There are limited seats and tickets are $100 (tax & gratuity included) for one of the tastiest dinners 2014 has yet to see. Check out the menu and parings below, and purchase your ticket here.


Green Flash & Ballast Point Beer Dinner

Green Flash & Ballast Point Beer Dinner

1st Course- “Muffuletta”

Wild Boar Ham, Olive Jam, Egg//Served with Reyon Vert & Wahoo Wheat


2nd Course- Mahi Mahi

Pickled Habenero Aioli, Tropical Fruit Salsa//Served with Cuvee Trippel & Grunion Pale Ale


3rd Course- Duck Two Ways

(Seared Breast & Confit), Dirty Wild Rice Cabbage Roll, Creole Mustard Sauce, Braised & Pickled Cipollini//Served with Grand Cru & Reef Rye Brown Ale


4th Course- Smoked Berkshire Pork

Green Chili Potato Pave, Red Eye Gravy//Served with Serrano Double Stout & Indra Kunindra


Dessert- Banana/toffee bread pudding

Served with Candela Rye Barleywine & Victory At Sea

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