The Growler: Issue 51 – January 2018 – Ideas

Letter from the editor

Cover by David Rogers and Ellen Schofield.

Cover by David Rogers and Ellen Schofield.

Dear Readers,

We are in the midst of a full on food and beverage revolution, Growler Nation.

In the time we’ve published The Growler, we’ve seen the number of craft breweries and brewpubs in the state grow from approximately a dozen to more than 140 in operation today. We’ve seen local chefs recognized for major national awards. And we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most revered local artists.

Minnesotans are inherently deferential, never wanting to step on one another’s toes. While modesty can be a virtue, it can also mean that we too often settle for mediocrity. I believe we can be cured of our humble habits, but it will take even more doers and dreamers to bring all these big ideas to life.

Our Ideas Issue celebrates the people and organizations doing groundbreaking and innovative work locally, making our lives better every day. The Growler owes a debt of gratitude to those among us who continue to progress the communities of local food, drink, and culture.

Cheers to them,

Joseph Alton


Trailblazers 2017
Whether they’re changing the game in food, drink, or culture, these Trailblazers all have one thing in common: They’re leading us all to cooler, stranger, and more delicious places.
By The Growler Magazine



Gerard Klass // Photo by Madalyn Rowell

Gerard Klass // Photo by Madalyn Rowell

Why So White?
Where is the black leadership in the Twin Cities food and beverage industry? And, how do we find it?
By Mecca Bos

Craft Culture: Urban Organics
Farming of the future, in the middle of St. Paul. 
By Morgan Mercer

Artist Profile: Ellen Schofield & David Rogers
Ellen Schofield and David Rogers: Weighted geometric paper-based flowers, letterforms, and photography.
By Kate Murphy

Crossword Puzzle
Clues and Solution
By Victor Barocas and Andrew Ries



Mat Waddell pours a dark beer from the colorful taps at Wild Mind Artisan Ales // Photo by Tj Turner

Mat Waddell pours a dark beer from the colorful taps at Wild Mind Artisan Ales // Photo by Tj Turner

Craft Cocktail: I’m Trying To Break Your Heart at the Hewing Hotel
What’s so challenging about creating a light and refreshing cocktail during the winter months?
By John Garland

Spirits Close-Up
Sloe Gin
By John Garland

Brewer Profile: Mat Waddell of Wild Mind Artisan Ales
Over the last several years, Jeff helped build a Bay Area startup, cycled through remote areas of Southeast Asia, and launched a brewery in the midst of the Chippewa National Forest.
By Chip Walton

What We’re Drinking
January 2018
By Growler Staff



Thomas Boemer's turtle soup // Photo by Wing Ta

Thomas Boemer’s turtle soup // Photo by Wing Ta

Minnesota Spoon: Beyond Barbecue
Thomas Boemer’s expansive vision for cooking with fire. 
By Steve Hoffman

Recipe: Thomas Boemer’s Turtle Soup
By Thomas Boemer

Eat The Invasion
Does it make sense to promote the idea of controlling non-native species by eating them?
By John Garlund

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