HefeWheaties to be released Wednesday at Fulton


Your first chance to get your hands on a can of HefeWheaties, the collaboration beer between Fulton Brewing Company and General Mills, will be at 3pm on Wednesday, Aug. 26, at the Fulton taproom, 414 N 6th Ave. in downtown Minneapolis.

According to a press release from Fulton, starting 3pm and while supplies last (likely not more than a few days), 16 oz. cans of HefeWheaties will be available for purchase in the Fulton taproom. Due to state law, HefeWheaties purchased in the taproom must be consumed on-premise only—they can’t sell you a can to go. You may, however, take your empty can with you as a keepsake. Fulton says they expect the taproom to be very busy on Wednesday for the release, and ask that people be prepared to wait in line.

On the retail side of things, Fulton has allocated the majority of the production run to liquor stores in the greater Twin Cities area only. The liquor store release will be in mid- to late-September. Due to the small quantity of the beer Fulton brewed, liquor stores will likely run out quickly. According to Fulton, demand for the beer has been overwhelming, and liquor stores won’t be able to order more once they’re out. This is a one-time partnership, and when “The Beer of Champions” gone, it’s gone for good.


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