Homebrew Recipe: Maple 80 Shilling Presented by The Wedge Community Co-op

Kettle Caramelization

Kettle Caramelization

Maple 80 Shilling Recipe

For 5.5 gallon, all-grain recipe // Boil time: 90 minutes

6.25 lb Maris Otter

7 oz German Munich

3.5 oz Carared

2.125 oz Roasted Barley

0.5 oz Magnum, 12.2% a.a. (60 min)

1 lb Grade B Maple Syrup added to whirlpool (flameout)

White Labs WLP090 – San Diego Super Yeast

Original Specific Gravity: 1.046

Final Specific Gravity: 1.014

SRM: 16

IBU: 18

ABV: 4.2%

Boiling Maple 80 Shilling wort

Boiling Maple 80 Shilling wort

  1. Mash the grains at 158°F for 60 minutes. Aim for a mash thickness of around 1.9 quarts of water per pound of grain.
  2. At 30 minutes into the mash, collect 2 gallons of wort and boil down to 1 gallon.
  3. Sparge with 170°F water and collect enough wort for a post-boil, fermenter volume of 5 1/2 gallons. This is a 1.5 hour boil, so be sure to account for boil evaporation losses. Include the 1 gallon of kettle-caramelized wort.
  4. Bring the wort to a boil.
  5. Add the 0.5 oz Magnum bittering hops when 60 minutes remain.
  6. Cool the wort to 58°F, aerate, and pitch the yeast.
  7. Ferment for at least 14 days at a consistent low temperature, around 58°F.
  8. Continue fermenting until complete and yeast has dropped.
  9. Rack to a secondary fermenter and cellar at around 38°F for about 2 weeks.
  10. Bottle or keg. Aim for a carbonation level of 2.5 volumes of carbon dioxide.

Editorial Note:

The ‘/-’ symbol is read as “shilling” or “bob” and was a form of currency in Scotland. It was used as the symbol for shillings, as in “70 shilling” for 70/- .

The Wedge partnered with local homebrewers Shannon Pierce and Kyle Sisco, and challenged them to use inventive or non-typical ingredients found at The Wedge and used in their homebrew. Each article will showcase different homebrew recipes that will feature fresh, local, quality ingredients from The Wedge. Shannon is a Beer Judge, a member of the Primary Fermenters Homebrew Club, enjoys supporting local breweries and frequents The Wedge. Kyle is a fan of local food and is one of the most acclaimed homebrewers in Minnesota. His Classic American Pilsner homebrew recipe was brewed with The Town Hall Brewery and won bronze medal in the 2012 GABF pro-am competition.

Kyle Sisco

Kyle Sisco

Shannon Pierce

Shannon Pierce

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