Homebrew Recipe: Wheaty Brown

To the Home Brewery

Note: these steps are general guidelines and assume you’re already familiar with the all-grain brewing process. Refer to the instructions for your brew system, and adjust as needed based on experience with your own particular equipment.


  1. Make a yeast starter prior to brew day—happy yeast makes browner ale.
  2. On brew day, collect strike water (I use 1.3 quarts per pound, YMMV) and heat to approx. 166°F.
  3. Mill the grains, or have it done for you at the shop

Mash & Sparge

  1. Add all grains to strike water and mix to achieve a uniform temperature of 152–154°F. Rest the mash at this temperature for 60–90 minutes.
    While the mash rests, collect and heat sparge water.
  2. When the mash rest is complete, heat it to 170°F for mashout.
  3. Sparge and collect the wort in the boil kettle.


  1. Bring the wort to a boil and spin The Band’s second album. Wait 10 minutes, then add ¾ oz Challenger hops, then boil for 50 minutes more.
  2. Cool it!

Fermentation and Beyond

  1. Transfer the cooled wort to a sanitized fermenter, aerate well, and pitch yeast.
  2. Depending on the yeast strain being used, aim for a maximum fermentation temp in the mid to upper 60s°F. When fermentation activity begins to slow, allow the fermenter to warm up to approx. 70°F for a 2–3 day diacetyl rest. Depending on yeast and temp, this step should be completed in about 10–14 days.
  3. Once the beer has clarified and is diacetyl-negative, it’s ready for packaging. It will drink well as soon as carbonated, and will keep for a couple-three months in a cool, dark spot.

Until next time: Drink it like you brewed it.

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