Homebrew Recipe: Wild Root Brown Ale presented by The Wedge Community Co-op

The Recipe

Wild Root Brown Ale using ingredients from The Wedge Community Co-op

Wild Root Brown Ale using ingredients from The Wedge Community Co-op

Wild Root Brown Ale

For 5.5 gallon, all-grain recipe

10.5 lb Pale Ale Malt

.875 lb Caramel 80

0.25 lb Special B

0.25 lb Chocolate Malt

0.25 lb Chocolate Wheat

1 lb Wild Rice

0.5 oz Cascade whole hops, 5% a.a. (60 min)

0.5 oz Galena whole hops, 13% a.a. (60 min)

0.5 oz Nugget leaf hops, 14.1% a.a. (0 min)

1/4 tsp Super Moss HB (10 min)

Wyeast 1056 American Ale

2 tbs Dandelion Root Granules (secondary)

Original Specific Gravity: 1.051

Final Specific Gravity: 1.014

SRM: 24

IBU: 29

ABV: 4.9%


  1.  Steep the wild rice with 0.5 gallons of 155° F water for a minimum of 15 minutes in a second kettle or large pot. You may consider grinding the rice with a mill or coffee grinder to increase contact area with the rice, to bring out more flavor and body. Bring to a boil for 20 minutes, stirring frequently. The rice/water mixture should get gummier as the rice absorbs the liquid.
  2.  Meanwhile in your brew kettle, mash the other grains at 153° F for 60 minutes. Shoot for a mash thickness of around 1.5 quarts per pound of grain.

    Brew Kettle

    Brew Kettle

  3.  Halfway through the 60 minute mash, add the finished rice/water mixture. Mix well and continue to mash.
  4.  Sparge with 170° F water and collect enough wort for a post-boil, fermenter volume of 5 to 5 1/2 gallons.
  5.  Bring the wort to a boil and add 0.5 oz Cascade whole hops and 0.5 oz Galena whole hops. Boil for 60 minutes.
  6.  At the end of the boil add 0.5 oz Nugget leaf hops for aroma.
  7.  Cool the wort to around 70° F and pitch the yeast.
  8.  Ferment between 60-72° F until fermentation is complete.
  9.  At the end of fermentation, add 3/4 cup of prepared dandelion root tea using roasted dandelion root granules. To prepare the tea, soak the granules in the 3/4 cup of water for approximately 24 hours at room temperature or in the refrigerator, similar to a cold-pressed coffee. This will cut back on the potential astringency associated with a typical hot-brewed coffee.

    Fermenters with Wild Root Brown Ale

    Fermenters with Wild Root Brown Ale

  10.  Once the dandelion root tea is added to the finished beer, bottle or keg. Aim for a carbonation level of 2.5 volumes of carbon dioxide. This beer should be enjoyed fresh.

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