How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch a Beer


We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but part of being a best friend is grabbing your buddy a beer every once in a while, right? You may have tried asking your pooch politely, but the real problem is that they’ve never been properly taught. Well, the era of you getting your own beer is over. Follow these four steps from and your dog will be fetching beers in no time. We recommend having plenty of patience and dog treats.

Step 1: Opening the Fridge

Step 1Start by tying a low hanging rope or towel to the door of your refrigerator. If your dog has a favorite tug toy, that works. Or you can wrap a treat inside the towel to spark their attention.




Step 1aKneel next to the fridge with your dog and say “Get me a beer” (Or whatever command phrase you prefer). Encourage your dog to bite on the rope/towel. When they do, give praise and a treat every time your dog bites the towel on your command.



Step 2: Grabbing the Beer

Step 2 Put your beer cans on the lowest shelf of the fridge so your dog can easily reach them. It will help to clear out anything that might distract your dog. Empty a beer can and play fetch with it. If necessary, wrap something around the can so the dog can grab it more easily. (A koozie perhaps?) Prop something against the door so it stays open and, near the fridge, point to the beer can while telling your dog to “fetch.” If your dog doesn’t understand, try giving the command and pick up the beer and placing it in the dog’s mouth.


Step 2aOnce you’ve gotten the dog to fetch give them praise. Give the “drop” command so that he/she drops the can into your hand. Give additional praise and treats. Repeat until your dog can pick up a beer can and put it on your hand using only verbal commands.



Step 2bMove further away from the fridge and repeat. Keep moving a little further away until you’re sitting on your living room couch in front of the TV, or wherever you’ll often be when you command your dog to fetch the beer.

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