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Issue 43 | May 2017 | Camp

Jaime Anderson’s cover to The Growler #43, The Camp Issue

Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

I hope this letter finds you feet-up on your favorite patio or fireside on opening weekend at the cabin.

I’m writing from a city park on the mighty Mississippi, and I can’t help but feel immensely fortunate to have been raised a free range kid in the North. I grew up in the city, but had grandparents, a lake place, and summer camp experiences across the wildest and most rural parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Even my urban upbringing was infused with healthy doses of hiking, biking, and even—shh, don’t tell my mom—some amateur spelunking and “urban exploring.”

Our northern lives still offer an abundance of adventure—and it could be argued that time in the woods and on the water are more necessary to a balanced life than ever. But I’m concerned we’re taking our access to authentic outdoor experiences for granted. While I’m the first to admit that it can be hard to intentionally slow down these days, if my own experiences are any indication, you will simply never regret taking some time to get outside and ground yourself.

Our Camp Issue is all about accessibility. We believe there are versions of adventure for every Growler reader of every outdoor skill level. This issue, we’re compiling guides and sharing stories about the culture of camping and life lived in the great outdoors.

Our species wasn’t made to sit in boxes and stare at screens all day. Get out and find yourself some adventure! Whether to you that means climbing a mountain, or just making dinner outdoors tonight, what matters is that you’re living your life intentionally, and in true appreciation of the magic and mystique of our natural world.

Joseph Alton


Panfish to pike
The every-person’s guide to fishing
By Tom Hazelton

Root beer maverick
How one little, old lady battled the harsh Minnesota wilderness & made root beer for thousands
By Ben Reeves

Hidden Minnesota
5 underappreciated state parks and recreation areas to visit this summer
By David Sandager

Gotta catch ’em small
Growing “micro-fishing” trend has twin cities roots
By Monique Kleinhuize

Craft Culture
Fresh views on camping at Vistabule Teardrop Trailers
By Josh Cook

Artist Profile
Jaime Anderson
By Kate Murphy


How to drink in the woods
Pro tips to elevate your beverage experience in the backcountry
By Monique Kleinhuize

Brewer Profile
Austin Jevne of Forager Brewery
By Brian Kaufenberg

Craft Cocktail
Branch Water at Norseman Distillery
By John Garland

Spirits Close-Up
By John Garland

What We’re Drinking
May 2017
By The Growler


Minnesota Spoon
Back to base camp with J.D. Fratzke
By John Garland

Stoking the fires of Northern food
The Upper Midwest is opting out of coastal culinary trends in favor of flame and smoke
By James Norton