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Celebrating ARTCRANK with creative director Charles Youel

Celebrating ARTCRANK with founder and creative director Charles Youel

Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

I feel lucky to live in a community with such a rich cycling culture. Consistently named one of the best metropolises in the country for bicyclists, the Twin Cities is a great place to roll around on two wheels. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it even better.

Population growth and denser urban areas are making it more important than ever to build and maintain infrastructure and promote education that supports bicycle transit. But as more wheels hit the streets, the battle between cyclists and motor vehicle drivers becomes sadly more contentious.

As a sometimes bike commuter and regular recreational rider, I find it fascinating to pedal past the average driver and notice them regularly gazing down at a digital device. Oftentimes, from the slightly elevated perspective of a bike saddle, I can make out what app or activity was so important that it couldn’t wait from point A to point B—the standard text message field and the blue banner of Facebook are familiar sights.

Riding your bike in the city can be downright scary and it shouldn’t be that way. Sure, some people ride like assholes, but a majority of cyclists are just trying to get from one place to another—in one piece. Having been on both sides of the road, it is my suspicion that the average biker actually knows the rules of the road better than most of their four-wheeled friends.

Though our Bikes Issue delves into much of the fun side of cycling, we also talked with drivers and riders about the real and perceived beefs between the two groups and how awareness, education, and empathy can play a role in making these relationships on the road better.

Please be kind to one another out there. The world is a hard enough place to live right now without a rage-filled commute.

Joseph Alton


Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

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Charles Youel, founder and creative director of ARTCRANK
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Why St. Paul Needs the Ford Site Plan
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Why the City of St. Paul’s plan for the Ford site is wrong for Highland
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Spirits Close-Up
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The dive bars of U.S. Bike Route 41
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Dave Berg, August Schell Brewing Company
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Wilde at Bar Brigade
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August 2017
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Why food companies in the Twin Cities are betting on bike delivery
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