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Issue 42 | April 2017 | DIY

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Letter from the editor

Dear readers,

When we launched The Growler we knew exactly what we did, and did not, want to be. Our mission will always remain rooted in education and action, not judgment or critique. There is no shortage of opportunities in our new media landscape for quick and gritty takes intended to cut the deepest in the fewest characters possible.

This publication was created as an antidote to the hater-filled culture of the anonymous net. As we learn and grow, as we experience the very best of the Upper Midwest, it’s been our privilege to help guide your own explorations in the worlds of food, beverage, arts, and the outdoors.

Instead of reviewing restaurants, we’ve picked some of our favorite local and international chefs to highlight through the years, letting you share a kitchen—and recipes—with some of the industry’s most talented culinary minds. Want to rate a beer? There are plenty of places to do that online. We’d prefer to bring you inside some of our best local brewhouses to tell you not only more about their beer, but more about men and women behind the beverage as well.

We hope each and every issue of The Growler inspires you to action. The 41 issues that preceded this publication have each quietly been a celebration of the makers among us. But this issue is specifically intended to inspire you to embrace the spirit of DIY. Whether that means making a meal from a Minnesota Spoon recipe, infusing spirits with your own unique ingredients, or spraying some sawdust at a local maker space, we want to see you all out there living “The Growler Life.”


Joseph Alton


Do It Yourself, Together
How maker spaces & tool libraries are building community
By Josh Cook

The DIY Guide To Living The Growler Life
By multiple contributors, including:

How To Build Your Own Wooden Toolbox and 12-Pack Carrier
By Nick Roseth

How To Make Three Fresh Cheeses From One Recipe
By Tammy Kimbler

Fundamentals Of Knife Care: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Keeping A Sharp Edge (And How To Cut An Onion The Right Way)
Courtesy of Eversharp

How To Make Wild Minnesota Pear Cider Vinegar
By Austin Jevne or Forager Brewery

How To Care For Cast Iron And Break In A New Wok
By Sarah Master, Chef at Red Stag Supperclub & Eric Fung, Owner of United Noodles

How To Make Semolina Pasta
By Chris Uhrich, Chef at Mucci’s Italian

Craft Culture
On the cutting edge with Eversharp
By Monique Kleinhuizen

Artist Profile
Laura Eng
By Kate Murphy


Brewer Profile
Andy Ruhland of Bad Weather Brewing
By Brian Kaufenberg

Craft Cocktail
Late Tea Time at Revival St. Paul
By John Garland

Spirits Close-Up
By John Garland

We Can Rebuild It
How to reverse engineer a beer
By Michael Dawson

Homebrew Recipe
Solar Wave Golden IPA
By Michael Dawson

What We’re Drinking
April 2017
By The Growler


Minnesota Spoon
Anaerobic exercises with Matti Sprague
By Steve Hoffman

The Retail Hustle
Craft food companies face challenges of scale in the fight for shelf space
By Alex Lodner