Indeed Haywire Double American Black Ale

CENTRALAVE_HaywireIndeed Brewing Company

Haywire Double American Black Ale
10.5% ABV, 100+ IBU

This brew carries notes of toffee, coffee, pine, cocoa—oh yeah, and 10 pounds of hops per barrel. You have not had hoppy until you have had this! Wondering what to serve with this hops-forward beast? Our favorite pairings include honey ham, buffalo wings, or pretty much anything spicy. Whatever you do, though, don’t try it with eggs. Trust us. “Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth drink and eat to live.” —Socrates

Central Avenue Liquors
2538 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis

Central Avenue Liquors is an independent, locally owned business managed by a husband and wife team from Northeast Minneapolis. We value local ingenuity and believe that focusing on our community and acting locally builds a stronger community. What we value is prominently displayed on our Central Avenue awnings: “Live Northeast. Love Northeast. Shop Northeast.”


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