Indeed Update: Tallboys, Sours and More


The good folks at Indeed Brewing have been busy as of late. A few news items from the Northeast brewers:

Sweet Yamma Jamma – The sweet potato ale is back, and headed for the Thanksgiving table. Four restaurants in the Kim Bartmann empire: Tiny Diner, Bryant Lake Bowl, Pat’s Tap, and Red Stag Supper Club will each create a recipe with Sweet Yamma Jamma, culminating in one restaurant hosting the cumulative beer-focused Thanksgiving dinner.

“Spices generally make up the flavor profile of pumpkin brews,” says head brewer Josh Bischoff. “By using sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin, we are able to get some of the sweet potato flavor to come through in the beer which adds to the complexity of the ale.” Look for it in cans and on tap nearer the end of August.

Sour Program. Lead brewer Adam Theis will be heading up an effort to release sours at Indeed all next year. He’ll be kicking out Brett saisons, Flemish sours & lambics, many of which are already in barrel. Some may be ready to drink as early as January.

Hullabaloo 2014. Indeed’s fall shindig is all set for October 11th. They’ll be celebrating the harvest with a line-up of roots music in their Northeast parking lot. This year’s event may well see the release of Rum King, an Imperial Stout that’s been quietly aging in Jamaican rum barrels for some time now.

Tallboys Debut. 16oz cans of Daytripper will become available at First Avenue, beginning with the Black Lips show on September 17th. After that, they’ll start popping up at various music, theater and sports venues around town.

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