2013 Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Readers’ Choice Award Winners


MN Beer Advocacy Group

MN-Beer-Activist-logo-final-paths1MN Beer Activists

MN Beer Activists has lived up to its mission is to “represent consumer interests through active engagement in education, legislation, and community participation regarding beer, wine, and spirits in Minnesota”through its consistent advocacy of beer-related issues. Whether promoting the Sunday Sales cause in Minnesota, increases to brewery limits for selling growlers, or posting stories about new beers and breweries, MN Beer Activists has been a champion for Minnesota craft beer and will continue to be in the future.

Honorable Mention: Better Beer Society (BBS)

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  1. Avatar glockman1980 says

    The beer is wonderful at Town Hall! The wait staff on the other hand……………I’ve never felt less welcome at ANY restaurant.

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