Ladies, here’s why you should want to be a craft beer drinker

Beer Dabbler at Twin Cities Pride 2014 // Photo by Aaron Davidson

Beer Dabbler at Twin Cities Pride 2014 // Photo by Aaron Davidson

No more staring into the beer aisle longingly. No more second-guessing when ordering something off the draft list. No more caring about what others think when you have a pint in your hand. I’ll let you in on a secret I learned during my week at the Craft Brewers Conference:

The data shows that the attitudes of ladies who drink craft beer regularly make us a rad kind of consumer.

I’m obviously biased, being both a woman and a person who works for the craft beer industry. But I had the privilege of attending the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) in Philadelphia last week, where I learned this little secret while attending a seminar. Besides the fact that I was in a leg cast for the conference, I learned a lot and found plenty of inspiration to write home about—especially to the women of the world who drink. All while comically hobbling around on crutches. (Ow. My arms.)

One of the CBC seminars I went to was called “How to Build a Craft Beer Drinker.” Initially it sounded like I would walk away with more ammo for my buyers who are on the fence about selling craft in their bars. What I walked out with, in addition, were some observations (data supported observations!) about women who drink the nectar of the gods and goddesses.

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Ladies make up half of the total population of folks over 21. Of all the folks over 21 who drink craft beer weekly, only a quarter of them are women. The seminar mostly looked to compare the potential of converting ladies who love wine into beer-drinking women, but many of the attitudes among ladies who drink craft beer weekly are incredibly admirable.

My takeaway was this: Instead of try to convert women from wine to beer, why not just let everyone know what the ladies who drink craft brews regularly are like? Here’s why you should want to be a lady who imbibes on craft:

Women who drink craft weekly are confident.

We don’t care about stigma, so pass the glass! According to the speakers’ data, 81 percent of women who are weekly craft beer drinkers say they think they are someone who has a strong sense of self-esteem. This seems about right, since more than once bartenders needed reassurance from me that I really wanted that porter. And after plenty of practice asserting myself, I’m pretty good at saying yes, I want that porter. Now gimme it. (Please.)

Women who drink craft beer weekly are confident AND will let you know when they feel brands are being exclusive.

Of the lady craft beer drinkers surveyed, 72 percent say they are frustrated by brands who make them feel like they don’t belong to the beer drinking community. And even when they don’t feel like they belong, 78 percent of them don’t feel held back by social expectations of what is “appropriate” for women to drink. So yes, when I order a damn porter, I meant a damn porter. Did you hear me stutter?

Women who drink craft beer weekly don’t give a f — about your marketing. Not one single f — . Nada. Nope.

We actually might laugh at how ridiculous advertising is today while we drink our pints. Sixty percent say they are often entertained by marketing and advertising that may include inappropriate content. Yeah, whatever blondie and hunky; we don’t care about how that car gets washed, or whatever you’re up for. We see right through the six-packs (of abs, not beer) and bikini strutting bombshells — 81 percent of weekly craft beer drinking women reported that they think the female population is not portrayed fairly in advertisements. As for the six-packs (still talking about abs, not beer), 77 percent of the ladies felt men were also portrayed unfairly.

However, women who drink craft beer weekly do give a f — about our local brands.

A big f — too, because 70 percent of the crafty ladies reported that they try to buy from small, local companies instead of going with national brands. Seventy-seven percent reported that they try to stay within their home state or nearby states.

Also, also: Adventure! Community! Earth! Defiance!

Over 80 percent of the women surveyed who drink craft beer weekly say that companies who invest in their communities absolutely deserve their loyalty and wished brands made it easier for them to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Sixty-six percent of us are willing to defy convention which frankly is a nice way of saying “f — you” to the status quo. Speaking of boundaries, when it comes to taking chances 74 percent are happy to take risks for greater reward. We’re thrill seekers and beer drinkers.

I’m not saying quit wine if you like wine or cocktails if that’s your jam. But it’s worth mentioning that there is something incredibly commendable about the attitudes of women who drink craft beer weekly: they are confident, community oriented, environmentally conscious, gender-role defying, risk-taking ladies. Sound like you? Maybe its time to try a pint, then!

Source: Data from The Futures Company featured in the presentation entitled “How to Build a Craft Beer Drinker,” a seminar from the 2016 Craft Brewers Conference presented by Mike Kallenberger and Lindsay Kunkle.


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