L’Étoile, Du Nord Craft Spirits first vodka hits shelves this weekend

L’Étoile Du Nord Vodka, distilled using sugar beets and corn, is Du Nord Spirits first offering

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Du Nord Craft Spirits, a South Minneapolis distillery, is releasing it’s first craft spirit to the market on May 2nd. L’Étoile Du Nord Vodka, which takes its name from Minnesota’s state motto and the French phrase for “north star,” is the first of its kind, locally sourced vodka using Minnesota sugar beets and corn.

The corn is sourced directly from co-owner Shanelle Montana’s family farm in Cold Spring and Ivanhoe, Minnesota. Shanelle and her husband Chris Montana traveled the country to learn about the nation’s distilleries, and Shanelle studied distilling at RB Roland Distillery in Kentucky where they hold classes.

“Everything from our still to our grain is from Minnesota or the Midwest,” said co-owner Chris Montana, “Our product is milled, mashed, distilled, and bottled on site. Being a hand crafted product, we control every aspect of production and that helps us create a premium product.”

Shanelle, who is also the President of the Minnesota Distillers Guild, used every bit of her distilling knowledge in crafting L’Étoile Du Nord Vodka. The vodka passes through two stills, 20 rectifying plates, and carbon filtration before being bottled resulting in a “crisp, uniquely smooth vodka with a subtle sweet flavor.”

This Saturday, May 3rd, Shanelle and Chris Montana will be at Elevated Liquor from 3–5pm and
South Lyndale Liquor from 5–7pm for bottle signings and sampling. “We are thrilled to be able to
showcase our product in the community where it is produced,” said Shanelle.

Du Nord Craft Spirits’ website and Facebook page will update retail locations where L’Étoile can be purchased in the coming weeks. Not far behind the L’Étoile Du Nord Vodka release, the distillery will release their first gin, Fitzgerald, in July.

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