LIVE: Sunday Liquor Sales Public Hearing

Two bills aimed at repealing Minnesota’s ban on Sunday liquor sales will get an “informational” public hearing before the House Commerce Committee on Wednesday. The “informational” designation means no votes will be taken.

One bill (HF 231) is a blanket repeal that would allow Sunday liquor sales statewide, while the other (HF 1239) would leave the decision up to individual municipalities. Many believe the bills don’t have strong chance of passing this year due to a lack of support from legislators.

The broader omnibus liquor bill (SF 1238), which is not part of the public hearing, received a second reading before the Senate late last month. The bill includes provisions that would allow breweries to sell growlers on Sundays, microdistilleries to sell one 375 milliliter bottle of their products per person, per day for off-sale consumption and bars and restaurants with on-sale permits to begin selling liquor at 8 a.m. on Sundays instead of the current time of 10 a.m.

The Growler’s Web Editor Keith Grauman will be tweeting and streaming video live from the hearing from @growlermag using the hashtag #GrowlerMNLeg. Follow along and join the conversation below.

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Keith Grauman is the web editor at The Growler. When he's not drinking beer at work, he can be found homebrewing, reading comics or playing with his kids in the front yard of his south Minneapolis home.

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