Look for Summit’s 2nd Union Series Brew: Rebellion Stout

eblast_img10The second brew from Summit’s limited-release Union Series, available very soon, is called Rebellion Stout. So what’s with the name? Summit chose to call this special edition “Rebellion Stout” to acknowledge the independent nature of Cork County, Ireland — also called “The Rebel County” — where the excellent Stout malt used in this brew originates. Furthermore, Rebellion Stout is also aggressively hopped with the world’s first aphid-resistant hop, Boudica, named in honor of the Celtic Queen that led the resistance against the Romans in first century Britain. See where Summit is going with the whole rebellion theme?

Rebellion Stout is loosely based on a 19th-century Export Double Stout recipe from a Cork County brewery. Export stouts were commonly produced by many brewers in the British Isles during the end of the 19th century. Export stouts were usually more aggressively hopped and required longer maturation times than other types of stouts. Summit’s version pours a massive tan head and features a huge body that leads to a dry, intensely bitter finish (8.5% ABU, 19° Plato OG, 70 IBUs).

For the detailed background, read the original article from Summit Head Brewer Damian McConn. Summit’s Union Series focuses on combining new ingredients and time-honored brewing traditions.





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