Loon Liquors Releasing Loonshine This Weekend

By John Garland
Loon Liquors' Loonshine

John Garland // Growler Magazine

Loon Liquors of Northfield is set to debut their first product. Nearly a year and a half after their Indiegogo fundraiser went live, their un-aged whiskey, Loonshine, will hit bars and shelves this weekend.

The spirit is made from organic wheat and barley, concentrated in a small copper pot still, and steeped for a short period on birch charcoal and toasted white oak chips, before being filtered and bottled. The 80-proof Loonshine has floral and white pear flavors, with oaky tannin and vanilla on the finish. It doesn’t taste like a whiskey (maybe more like a rum/tequila/whiskey hybrid) but it’s certainly not the raw, white lightning you might conjure when you think of moonshine.

Mark Schiller and Simeon Rossi of Loon Liquors will preside over a release party this evening at 6pm, at the Grand Event Center in Northfield (tickets available at the door, or reserve a spot on their website and save $5).  Afterwards, the spirit will hit the bars in Northfield at 10PM.

Saturday morning, the spirit will become available at the Northfield Municipal Liquor Store, Firehouse Liquors in Dundas, as well as Zipp’s in Minneapolis and MGM Calhoun. Next week, the product will hit several more stores, including Whole Foods Maple Grove, Merwin’s in Minneapolis and Ace Spirits in Hopkins.

And if you don’t want to truck down to Northfield this weekend, you can taste Loonshine at both Republic locations on Saturday evening, where a special Loonshine cocktail will be featured beginning at 5pm.

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