Lucette Brewing set for brewery expansion, release of new canned beer

Photo courtesy of Lucette Brewing

Photo courtesy of Lucette Brewing

Lucette Brewing of Menomonie, Wisconsin, announced today its plans to expand its brewing facility by connecting the two current buildings on the property, adding a 57,000 lbs grain silo, and additional fermenters. The move will increase the brewery’s efficiency, capacity, and overall  experience for visitors—not to mention the creation of several new jobs.

The expansion is scheduled to be completed late this fall, which opens the door to Lucette to branch out into new markets beyond the five Wisconsin territories and two Minnesota territories it currently services.

“This expansion will not only allow us to get closer to meeting current demand, it will also allow us to incorporate more packaging and a greater focus on experimental beers, which the current setup was not conducive to,” said Lucette Brewing Co-Founder Michael Wilson.

They are planning to take advantage of the opportunity to develop new beers right away.

“We’ve procured all the necessary raw materials to add an additional canned beer to our lineup in 2015. We are also currently in the planning stages of a unique project which was impossible with our older setup,” added Co-Founder Tim Schletty.

Lucette Brewing was established in 2010 and is known for their popular flagship brew, Farmer’s Daughter spiced blond ale, and for its signature 16oz tall boy six-packs. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the brewery’s expansion.

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