Lucid Brewing Goslar

VINTAGE_LucidGolsarLucid Brewing
4.5% ABV
The name “Goslar” comes from the city in Germany where this ancient style was carefully created. It is a traditional Gose (pronounced ‘goes-uh’) style beer, which is an excellent and flavorful session beer. Goslar pours a bright golden color with a one-inch tuft of foam. Serve this one in a chalice or snifter at 45°F to best experience the tangy, citric, lemony, and slightly salty finish. Enjoy this Gose with the oyster of the week at Kai’s Sushi in Chanhassen—or your favorite local sushi joint!


Reviews by The Vintage
8971 Crossroads Blvd 160,
Chanhassen, MN 55317

The Vintage is a family owned and operated store located in Chanhassen near the Eden Prairie border. We specialize in craft beer, fine wine, and specialty liquors. The Vintage has only been open for about a year, but it is fast becoming the place in the Southwest suburbs to satisfy craft beer aficionados, as well as those looking for good wine and hard to find spirit items. Frequent events help make a stop at The Vintage an experience rather than a chore. Great selection and great service along with great prices make The Vintage a hidden gem worth seeking out.


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