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Cocktail vs Beer

Cocktails vs. Beer

Every episode of The Dinner Party Download features a themed cocktail recipe. Naturally, we at The Growler wanted to know where the craft-beer love was.

Rico: I like beer more than Brendan does. I also live in L.A., which is near San Diego, which, as you know, has a huge craft-beer scene. But it’s weird: I’ve never really gotten into wine or beer. I like having it and I like having people serve it to me, but I really honed in on cocktails because it’s easier to get. There aren’t all these incredible variations. I mean, you order an IPA and you can have a thousand different things going on.

Brendan: There’s a kind of relief with cocktails. I imagine it’s the relief one has being a vegan, where you look at a menu and go, “Okay, all this is gone, so all I have left is this.” I used to be a big beer drinker, but it’s easier now to not be. The world’s only gotten more complex, and it’s fascinating and I’m a little jealous of it, but I also don’t know hard-core hip-hop music: I respect the people that do it, but I don’t need to know all about it.

Rico: You go to these gastropubs and they’ll have, you know, 10,000 beers listed all over the walls in no particular order. And it’s like, I’ve already had a beer, and now I’m supposed to process this?

Brendan: Bars with 100 taps give me an anxiety attack. After work, having to deal with that—that is not relaxing to me. A Beefeater martini, up, dry, with olives is about all I can muster, or wine I can kind of break down, but not that.

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L to R: Brian Kaufenberg and Ellen Burkhardt of The Growler, Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam of The Dinner Party Download, and Joseph Alton and Keith Grauman of The Growler

Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer to any of these debates. That’s the fun of it, the guys say. That’s why you have a dinner party: to discuss, dialogue, and digest new information.

Finishing up lunch, the conversation continued to jump from topic to topic—TelePrompters: yea or nay; why restaurants need to have regulars, and why that’s not an easy thing to accomplish; how constant 75-and-sunny weather can ruin a person; brunch: yea or nay. Although nothing was resolved, everything was explored—a successful mid-week lunch party.

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