78k bottles of beer stolen from Atlanta brewery

Examples of the sampler packs stolen from Sweetwater's trucks // Photos via facebook.com/sweetwaterbrew

Examples of the sampler packs stolen from Sweetwater’s trucks // Photos via facebook.com/sweetwaterbrew

SweetWater Brewing Company is seeking to recover more than 3,000 cases of beer after two trailers of its summer variety pack were stolen from its Atlanta brewery early Tuesday morning.

Authorities later found the trailers using GPS technology, and nearly a quarter of the 3,272 cases—containing 78,528 bottles of beer—were recovered. However, SweetWater said “we can no longer trust that that beer would be up to the quality standards that we as a brewery maintain, so unfortunately we have to destroy it all.”

The variety packs contained SweetWater’s year-round Take Two Pils, IPA, and 420 brews and its seasonal Goin’ Coastal Pineapple IPA.

The theft is especially bad news for fans of Goin’ Coastal, as the company was already having trouble keeping the popular IPA on shelves.

“This was basically our entire inventory in Atlanta—so you may not see it on shelves for a minute,” the company wrote on its Facebook page.


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