A can-do attitude: Able Seedhouse + Brewery to launch canning line this month

Able Seedhouse + Brewery’s First Light IPA is one of two beers to be canned // Photo by Aaron Davidson, The Growler

Even though Able Seedhouse + Brewery has only been open since last November, the smaller-scaled company had brewed up big business plans from the start. And now, one of brewery’s seedlings of an idea has sprouted into a reality with the launch of cans.

“Since we opened nine months ago, we’ve spent a good deal of time trying to get to know our core customer and their relation to Able: why they drink our beer, where, when, how,” says Casey Holley, co-founder of Able. “As consumers, we share a lot in common with them. We want to drink beer outside, in the boat, at a park, on a river, throw a six-pack in our backpacks, have a beer on our porch. We’re excited we get to do that and reach people in a new way outside of the four walls of Able.”

Able Seedhouse + Brewery’s Supergiant Golden Ale in the process of being canned // Photo by Aaron Davidson, The Growler

Currently, the Logan Park brewery is working with a third-party mobile canning company to package two of their beers—First Light IPA and Supergiant Golden Ale—while their own canning line is on order.

Starting the week of September 12, six-packs of 12-ounce cans will be hitting store shelves throughout the area.

Unfilled cans at Able Seedhouse + Brewery // Photo by Aaron Davidson, The Growler

“We’ve always wanted to do this,” Holley says. “But as a small business, we had to find a way to balance production and sales in a way that would allow us to continue to grow in a meaningful way. Cans allow us to give our customer even greater flexibility to drink Able everywhere they go.”

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