Apparently AB-InBev owns Best Damn Brewing Co., and they make the best damn everything—just not beer

best damn

Best Damn Brewing Co. is owned and operated by Anheuser-Busch InBev, and makes lots of things—just not beer // Image via Best Damn Brewing Co. Facebook

The headline of the press release reads: Best Damn Brewing Co. Debuts Best Damn Beer Gear Designed To Take The Beer-Drinking Experience To The Next Level At SXSW Interactive Festival.

And then, there’s this:


The Best Damn Office Chair is “the first in a series of light-hearted Beer Gear concepts featuring upgrades only a beer lover could dream up,” designed for “Americans who are unable to enjoy the game because they’re stuck at work”

First thought: Who the heck is Best Damn Brewing Co.?

Second thought: If you need “one-of-a-kind items designed to help people enjoy cold Best Damn brews in innovative ways and in different situations,” maybe it’s not worth the effort.

Best Damn Brewing Co. is actually Anheuser-Busch Best Damn Brewing Co., and it’s a malt-beverage company. Their products are Cherry Cola, Root Beer, and Apple Ale. Each clocks in around 5.5% ABV and is made at AB-InBev’s headquarters in St. Louis.

So, not beer—which makes it a little odd that they’re promoting beer gear.

Also, we’re unable to think of one office that would allow that chair—which includes a refrigerator in the armrest, Bluetooth speakers, and a “boss button” to “hide the game livestreaming on their computers if the boss gets a little too close”—inside a cubicle. But we’ll let the folks at SXSW be the judges.

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