Beer at a college stadium near you?

Beer is ubiquitous at American sporting events across the country—except at college campuses.

Until recently, the only way to have a beer during a college football game was in the tailgate lots, but a few universities started alcohol sales at NCAA sporting events. Currently, the list of Power 5 colleges that allow alcohol sales includes Minnesota, Colorado, Wake Forest, Miami, Syracuse, Texas, Maryland, West Virginia, and Louisville.

In a new article on the subject, Marc Tracy at the New York Times looks deeper into what beer sales at the University of West Virginia have meant for the school and football fans.

While the sales help contribute to the school’s bottom line and allow them to invest more in facilities and programs, not everyone is on board. Curbing alcohol abuse is already high priority at the nation’s colleges and some critics see alcohol sales at sporting events as contradictory and even compounding the problem.

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