Bent Paddle releases first beer in Valve Jockey Brewer’s Series

Bottle of Valve Jockey #1 Oatmeal IPA // Photo courtesy of Bent Paddle Brewing Company

Bottle of Valve Jockey #1 Oatmeal IPA // Photo courtesy of Bent Paddle Brewing Company

Head brewers aren’t the only ones crafting beers these days. More and more Minnesota breweries are giving members of their brewing staffs the chance to flex their creative muscles and create their own beers—Duluth’s Bent Paddle Brewing Company is the latest to join trend.

Earlier this January, Bent Paddle announced the launch of the Valve Jockey Brewer’s Series. The series is in appreciation of the company’s brewing staff, who are “running about the brewery opening and closing valves,” making sure the brewhouse is operating smoothly.

According to a statement from Bent Paddle, “The Valve Jockey Brewer’s Series celebrates the creativity of the Bent Paddle brewers by giving them a platform to design, create and bring to life a recipe of their invention.” What’s more, the brewers behind each release will nominate a charity to which five percent of the sales of the beer will be donated.

There will be three Valve Jockey beers released in 2017 and the beers will be available in all of Bent Paddle’s distribution territories. The first, an Oatmeal IPA from the brewery’s longest tenured brewer Neil Caron, was released this week, with proceeds going to the Minnesota Climbers Association.

Each Valve Jockey beer will be available for sale in 750-milliliter screen printed bottles featuring the likeness of the brewer, and on tap at a limited number of locations. Expect the second Valve Jockey release in March, and the third in September.

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