Bent Paddle releasing limited black IPA in honor of Climate Generation’s tenth anniversary


Will Steger (right) and the label of Bent Paddle’s forthcoming collaboration beer that benefits Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy // Photo by Daniel Murphy

Bent Paddle Brewing announced today the release of a special collaboration beer, brewed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy. The beer, Climate Generation Black IPA, will be available in 750ml bottles at select liquor stores as well as on tap at the brewery, local bars and restaurants, and at Climate Generation’s 10-year anniversary celebration, The Hottest Event of the Decade, in Minneapolis on December 1.

A portion of the proceeds from the beer will benefit Climate Generation’s work to engage individuals and their communities in solutions to climate change. Look out for the beer on tap and in stores by the second week in December.

“Sustainability is a core philosophy of our mission at Bent Paddle Brewing Co.” Laura Mullen, co-founder and VP of outreach for the brewery said in a press release. “We strive to minimize our environmental footprint with every decision we make as a company, and by leveraging our successful brand to highlight initiatives and causes that are important to us. That is why we partnered with Climate Generation to make a beer in celebration of their 10 year anniversary.

“Climate change is real and already upon us; we are grateful to have the chance to help Climate Generation further their outreach in a delicious and approachable way with this limited edition Black IPA. We hope that this beer brings people together to discuss what we can do now to address the threat of climate change over a pint of Climate Generation Black IPA.”

According to Bent Paddle, the impacts of climate change on beer production are already evident, from droughts threatening hop harvests in the Yakima Valley to precipitation shifts impacting brewers’ water supplies. Breweries are addressing this by signing climate action declarations, embedding sustainability initiatives into their operations, and collaborating with local nonprofits that work to safeguard the environment.

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“Climate change is affecting us all, but we can all act in our own ways to address it,” Katie Siegner, Climate Generation’s communications coordinator said in a press release. “We can develop and share our own personal climate stories, we can act to reduce our community’s footprint, and we can come together with others to elevate our impact in advancing climate solutions. With this beer, Bent Paddle is brewing for a better climate.”

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