Boom Island Brewing gets spontaneous again: Kriek

Boom Island Brewing Company’s Kriek will be released in limited quantities starting Friday, December 2

Spontaneous fermentation—the origin story of beer. Brewing techniques and technology have come a long way from the first bready liquids fermented naturally via wild, airborne yeasts in ancient Mesopotamia, but the tradition of spontaneous fermentation is still carried on by small number of breweries around the world. Here in Minnesota, Boom Island Brewing, is keeping the technique alive with the third installment of their Spontaneous Series—Kriek.

While it was brewed in Minneapolis and thus can’t be called a lambic, Boom Island’s Kriek pays homage to the Belgian, fruity, and lambic tradition of beer making. It’s spontaneously fermented in oak wine casks for more than a year, at which time handpicked cherries from South Minneapolis are added, pit and all. The result is a dry and slightly tart beer, with a bit of funk and brightness from the fruit.

The 4.8% ABV rose-colored sour will be released at the Minneapolis brewery this Friday, December 2 at 4pm, joining the lineup of Boom Island’s two other Spontaneous Series beers—Oude Funk and Triple Brett. Only 20 cases of 750-milliliter bottles of Kriek will be available in the taproom after the cask pours are exhausted at the event, and a limited supply of 375-milliliter bottles will be made available to select stores after the launch.

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