Boozy cold press coffee to hit shelves this May

The market is chock full of coffee beers, coffee liqueurs, coffee-flavored energy drinks, caffeinated mixed drinks, and even a beer/coffee hybrid, but Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee, due out in May, is something new altogether.

Clocking in at 6% ABV with a 180mg dose of caffeine (the average cup of coffee carries about 100mg), Bad Larry’s is crafted by owner “Bad” Larry Abernathy, along with the founder of Minneapolis’ Blackeye Roasting Co. Matt McGinn, and the restaurateur behind Twin Cities establishments like Republic and Red River Kitchen, Matty O’Reilly.

“The demand for cold brew coffee has completely taken off,” McGinn said in a press release. “And we’re the first to craft an alcoholic version. Bad Larry’s is nothing like coffee-flavored beers or cocktails—this is totally different.”

Each batch of Bad Larry’s blends an infusion of malt and cold brew coffee from Blackeye, and is steeped for more than 16 hours.

The country’s first booze-infused cold press will be hitting store shelves this May in Minnesota, with hopes of a larger distribution area in the future, according to the press release.

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